Scottish Voice Recognition Software May Take Years to Develop

CUPERTINO - USA - The Siri voice recognition system may take another ten years of development before perfecting a Scottish version, Apple insiders have revealed.

Whilst the Siri voice recognition software has been working wonders for most of the English speaking world, the poor Scots have been left out.

“It’s like trying to decipher a hidden code, we never knew it would be so hard,” a source on the project said.

Apple has flown over hundreds of Scottish speaking people to California to try and figure out what they’re saying.

“It’s very hard for us to understand what these people are saying and we are recruiting speech scientists to try and decipher the language,” Ron Albright, one of the programmers on the project revealed.

A frustrated Scot said: “Ah woods loch thes wee siri telephain tae kin whit aam bludy weel sayin. Ya Bas!”

The current project should take ten years to complete if there are no major setbacks.

Apple wants to then work out what Geordie people are saying, but that’s another twenty years of research.