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If you think another year after the previous year is going to make any difference to the world and your life, stop kidding yourself.

We all still live in a surveillance society where every part of our lives and info is dissected, analysed and stored in databases, we still live in a world where idiots run amuck in a state of perpetual outrage demanding less freedom and more censorship, we still live in a world where people believe in supernatural beings that can rise from the dead, walk on water, and turn water into wine.

C’mon it’s just another fucking year. You have just passed another year, and now have less time to live on earth, and what an earth this has become, an overcrowded cesspool filled with garbage in the seas, plastic everywhere and pollution reaching every part of the once pure soil, now just a concrete mess clouded by fumes, cow farts, and mountains of human waste.

It will certainly be another year in politics, and the lies will continue, as nothing changes, or will ever change. They only give you a few choices for a reason in an election, because both sides are merely different parts of the same coin. The controllers always own both sides, and the reason for ‘elections’ in a ‘democratic’ society is to present a few well-selected fresh faces, otherwise people get tired and riot.

The elites in 2019 will most probably be quivering in their boots, and if it gets too bad, they will simply exit to New Zealand or wherever else they have prepared. One major weakness the elites always encounter is numbers — there are more of the Untermensch than them.

The stock market, a place where there will be much terror will naturally keep on falling in 2019. Possibly a 40-60% correction is planned, and if you are holding stocks now, you are sadly a fool with no sense whatsoever. In fact, you deserve every bit of what you get because you did not take your money out earlier at the artificially pumped top.

We also have Ebola to look forward to in 2019 as it increases its hold on Africa, much to the chagrin of the West, who keep their open borders systems in place, there is no doubt this horrid virus will spread soon enough.

Trump, is now looking to lose in 2020. The purge of supporting Trump voices on all social media sites has been so effective that now there is only one voice — the socialist echo chamber.

We will have more authoritarianism, we will have more outrage from the permanently outraged, we will have more censorship and the internet will be cleansed of life, of its soul, and in its place the control freak tech puritans will command over your every thought, they will dictate your every move, and they will tell you how to think and act…and if you don’t obey? Then they delete you from everything.

Trump himself has been a huge disappointment. Here is a guy who had big plans. He said he would go after the internet censors and he never did. He said he would limit the all encompassing power of the tech monopolies but he never did. He said he would build a wall but never did, he said he would do so many things but he did not. He said he would dump Obamacare, but never did. Trump is now a man running scared, he is a man who has obviously tried to do some things but has been thwarted at every point by the crazed socialists employing guerilla tactics to get what they want.

What about Brexit?

How will 2019 be for Britain’s supposed exit from the EU..pfffft? More of the same..No Brexit, no hope of Brexit and no one willing to stand up for democracy and the EU Referendum Leave voters. Because May is bolstered by the elite, she is nigh on impossible to get rid of. The May-bot’s batteries will continue on serving her masters, until she completes her job, they then will take the batteries out themselves — no one else can.

All in all, 2019 will be another year where those in charge control every facet of our lives. Another miserable year of non-freedom and slavery ahead then.

To all our readers..Happy New Year.