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New Film: ‘Attack of the NPC Hordes’ Hits Cinemas

PORTLAND - USA - As the DS film critic, I was kindly invited to the latest film to hit the box office, 'Attack of the NPC Hordes' .

You ever been so shit scared to watch a movie that you literally have to be pulled into the theatre? ‘Attack of the NPC Hordes’ is one of those movies.

This is what it was like when they gave me a ticket to review this movie. Let’s just say that to watch this film you need a stomach of steel, and nipple clamps hooked up to a 100 volt battery to keep you awake.

The film was directed by up and coming director NPC, produced by NPC, and the stars of the film were NPC, and NPC. We also get a great cameo role by none other than NPC.

CNNPC gave it 5 stars out of 5, and so did MSNPC. According to the blurb, the film was heavily funded by the #NPCToo and NPCLivesMatter N-P-C organisations.

The opening scene brings forth a wall to wall NPC crowd all chanting the same thing. Over and over again, the same words are chanted by the NPCs. Hundreds of thousands of them all with the same NPC chant, and the same NPC face, and the same NPC march.

This scene lasts for over two hours as they chant the same old mantras that these brainwashed NPCs like to do on a constant basis.

This nightmarish film depicts a dystopian world where brainwashed drone-like NPCs led by their programmers, who are never seen, shout out their Marxist communist mantras to all and sundry. They do not know why they are doing what they are doing, but they do it anyway. They are basically mindless angry soulless automatons roaming the streets and shouting at the top of their lungs, without any knowledge of why they are angry in the first place.

Frankly after the fourth hour of watching the NPCs marching up and down, chanting “No Fascist USA K – K – K!” I literally wanted to shave my eyeballs with a rusty razor and poke my scrotum with knitting needles just to escape this vapid, brainless, banal idiocy.

At one point the NPCs started a ‘rape’ chant. “All men are rapists!” By then I decided to toss my popcorn and upturn my iced drink over my head. Another four hours of NPCs screaming about the ‘patriarchy’ and ‘white males’ got me into a cold sweat.

I fled the room, I felt dehumanized by the chanting. I could not take anymore. I was lucky I was in Portland, Oregon, where these kind of things never happen in reality.

That is, until I stepped outside the cinema straight into a….

The Daily Squib wrote about NPCs in relation to the socialist EU bots, and indoctrinated youth blocking Brexit in 2016, well ahead of the 4chan realisation in 2018. Younger Generation Will Have to Be De-Programmed From Years of EU Indoctrination

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