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U.S. Can't Afford to Pay to Print More Money

WASHINGTON DC - USA - There are serious fears for the U.S economy today after it was revealed that there was not enough money to pay for paper to print more money for the economy.

“We’re asking congress to raise the debt ceiling so we can buy ink and paper to print more dollars so we can then pay for the ink and paper we just printed,” Dan Fenster, a U.S. Federal Reserve worker told the Washington Times.

With a U.S. deficit of $20 trillion and a president still on holiday, things are getting hard for the economy.

“We need to print some more greenbacks or we won’t be able to pay for social security or salaries for our soldiers killing people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those boys and gals need their money. Shooting people is a hard job, we want them to get paid for that,” Congressman, Richard Anus (D) told CNN.

President Obama was expected to ask for another debt ceiling increase when he comes back from Martha’s Vineyard in October.

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  1. I agree 100%. The problem is not with the various personalities like Bush or Obama but with the office. When you make 1 person the most powerful ON EARTH they will abuse the office. Humans are guided by self interest. Just about every president has screwed us in one way or another. Bush and Obama don't represent me. Fire President __________ who is costing us trillions on his latest pet project. I represent me. That is why we need to eliminate the executive branch and install a more representative government. Congress: Part time, unpaid, 1 term and it will look great on a resume. Localize government.

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