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Obama's Birthday Wish Coming True

WASHINGTON DC - USA - As the Dow Jones Industrial Index dropped 513 points yesterday, and over 1,600 points in a week, president Barack Obama's 50th birthday wish was finally coming true -- the destruction of America.

“This is my 911. Me. There are no need for planes to hit buildings here, I just turned up to work at the White House, and that’s all it took,” Obama said smiling before cutting his birthday cake.

To complete the final move to complete state dependent socialism, the capitalist system must be destroyed, and this is what Obama is doing so well, he must take away America’s dependence on consumerism, on waste, and lastly on the so-called ‘American Dream’.

Not everyone, however, is angry with Obama’s spendthrift ways. He still has massive support from stalwarts like Oprah Winfrey and ordinary black Americans who are loving the destruction meted out onto ‘whitey’s empire’.

Trevon Manding, 45, an unemployed man from Chicago’s East side, told Ebony magazine: “Let’s see how whitey likes the ghetto. Our boy Obama giving some of that payback time for four hundred years of slavery. They built their empire off the backs of the negro, worked him into the ground, whipped his ass till it bled. Now we got one of our own in the White House, he’s taking away what the white man cares so much about, their huge stolen wealth and their dumb ass military. We truly love Obama for what he has done to America. Every cook out, every house, we’re talking about how much we love Obama. White folk got fooled by voting for this player, he played them real good and now it’s payback time. We got the last laugh, enjoy the ghetto, we been living in it for years, now it’s your turn.”

The myth that the world was ever out of recession was perpetuated by the controlled media outlets, but the plain truth is that this is a depression created by bankers and the elite, and will take 20 to 30 years to get out of, if ever.

Jules Sperme, a researcher at Washington’s policy research institute of research, said: “People don’t realise that the systems created through the centuries are not sustainable anymore; mainly due to mass migration, huge increases of populations, and unfettered globalisation. Therefore, one must accept that if the system is not sustainable, and is strained beyond repair, it must be destroyed. The survivors of the coming destruction will be the architects of the next civilization, they will inherit the new world, as the consumerist one is destroyed and upgraded to that of a low population scientific society. Something that philosophers and writers like Bertrand Russell and Aldoux Huxley were writing about in their books in the 1930s and countless others before that were dreaming about.”

The general population, who pitifully voted Obama in, were hypnotized and they are the harbingers of their own destruction.

“If I voted for Obama I would be so ashamed of myself right now. You might as well stick a gun to your head, burn your house down and dump your family in a ditch. These people are the ones who brought destruction to America. The people who voted for this guy should be shunned from society and expelled as outcasts because they have collectively brought us down to the level that will spell the end of America.” a man who did not vote for Obama told CNN.

As the debt ceiling was raised to increasingly impossible heights on Tuesday, a $239 billion spike on Thursday took up 60% of the funding, which means that the $14,694 trillion limit is already dangerously close to being breached.

The many other variables that will also contribute to the continued destruction are the 3.7 million Americans who are about to lose their unemployment benefits after their 99 weeks of eligibility are up, as well as the continued turmoil in the eurozone where U.S. banks are entrenched as well.

Maybe soon the vast prairies of America will once again see their true indigenous inhabitants reclaiming the lands that were stolen from them so cruelly, the bison will be roaming, and the tipis gracing the destroyed ruins.

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  1. Is Obama dazed ?

    Let's be sensible…and not be biased !

    Did he learn RHETORICS ?

    "For" or "Against" me, previous presidents will echo !

  2. Excellent article, methinks this asshole Obongo is getting ready for his bunker because while he's partying America is burning…..hard working Americans have just lost their life savings in the last few days and their pensions and this guy is dancing in the East room? http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0811/60722.html

    Fuck you Obango or whatever your dufus name is you're a douche bag………….

  3. I am willing to bet that the Rev. Wright is laughing his ass off right now on how well his protege Obama is fullfilling his wish to God Damn America.

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