Obama's American Ghetto

WASHINGTON DC - USA - If you were to travel through America from coast to coast and to ask people their opinion on Barack Obama and his tenure as president, you would get the same answer each time -- Bad.

A man standing on a soap box outside the White House yesterday summed up the Obama presidency well: “Obama was going to be a uniter of peoples; he was going to stop the wars; he was going to lift us all up from the malaise and disenchantment of the Bush years, instead he made things worse, he ghettoised America, he misspent our money, he made huge mistakes that will cost our country for many generations to come, he never took us up, he played golf and took us down, the man is a sham pure and simple, him and his bogus stimulus packages which he used to furnish his friends in big government, him and his cronies with which he brought in a crippling new health care system that will bankrupt America even further. I say to you Americans, what has this man done for your country? He’s done a lot — to make it worse.”

Obama not only abandoned the ordinary people of America but he abandoned a major faction of the population, the disenfranchised black population who were so desperate for a champion, someone to lead them out of the terrible mess they have been wallowing for so long.

Speaking in Detroit, John Massa, 42, a janitor from Dearborn High School said: “Obama has condemned his brothers and sisters to hell. This guy could have helped us, he could have changed things so that America was not so divided between rich and poor, black and white. Ni**er fucked us up man, we lost our homes, our jobs, our hope, we back in the 1920’s now. No way in hell are the black people going to support this guy again, he destroyed his own people with his wasteful policies. No way is he being re-elected. Obama is a traitor to his own race, pure and simple.”

Obama’s nonchalance, his ineffectual naivity, his impotent limp Marxist aspirations have emasculated America.

“It’s as if Obama took the strutting bull of America, got his yes men to grab it by the horns and injected it with massive amounts of oestrogen. Obama has castrated America. The velocity of its decline will increase thanks to his inexperienced unworldly indecisive idiocy. Hey, maybe that was his job in the first place. In that case, all glory to him, he has done a great job in taking us down for many, many generations to come,” an ex-democrat voter told the Washington Times.