Osama Would Often Go to Shops Wearing Silly Hat Disguise

ABOTTABAD - Pakistan - According to residents of the town where Osama bin Laden was holed up for ten years, he would regularly visit the local corner shop wearing a silly hat as a disguise.

“Sometime he came in wearing a little pink hat, other times he had an oversized cowboy hat on, and once we saw him come in wearing a Trilby. He was always polite, he would buy a pot noodle, maybe a coke, or a newspaper and saunter back to his lair. No one for one second thought that he was Osama bin Laden,” Mohammed Saalleh, a shopkeeper in the local town told the Pakistan Times.

As more news trickles out of the now fortified town, a better picture is finally emerging of Bin Laden’s last days.

Iqbal Mushar, the owner of a general store three blocks away from Bin Laden’s compound said: “He was always very courteous. He would come in with his wonderful flamboyant hats and ruffle around the store a bit. He especially liked ice lollies, sometimes he’d come over two or three times a day for those. The glue sniffing kids hanging outside the shop would laugh at his hats and throw stones at him sometimes.”

The new revelations about Bin Laden’s time in Pakistan hiding from the Americans is contrary to released information that the terrorist leader was a recluse in his compound.