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TSA to Probe the Moon

CAPE CANAVAREL - USA - President Obama has given permission for the TSA to probe the moon instead of space agency, NASA, new documents released from the White House reveal.

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“The TSA have been probing peoples asses and crotches for so long now, and doing it so well, that we thought we’d give them the moon job too,” Jimmy Smits, a White House official revealed to CBS news yesterday.

The TSA expedition to probe the moon will begin next week when a team of ten TSA officials will be blasted into space and attempt to land on the moon.

“We heard they have babies in nappies up there that need to be probed, as well as disabled veterans who will receive our special full body cavity searches. There are also a lot of craters and crevices on the moon’s surface which we will be probing, much like we do to your wives and children at American airports,” one of the TSA officials, who will be probing the moon, told Fox news.

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