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Britain VS Russia: Bring Back the Compulsory Draft

LONDON - England - The UK military spending budget is woefully behind Russia. The UK must also embrace compulsory military conscription.

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If the Russians invade the UK tomorrow, because of years of defunding Britain’s armed forces, we would be woefully at the mercy of Russian military supremacy.

The Russians are now miles ahead of the UK not only in military weaponry but in technological advancements pushed under the Putin regime.

Under David Cameron, the budget for the MoD was cut so many times that it left a force barely able to fight in small skirmishes abroad.

Every other day, there are news reports of Russian airplanes entering British airspace, or Russian subs popping up off the coast, or Russian battleships enjoying a jaunt in the Channel.

These Russian provocations are obviously testing the waters, especially with increased tensions rising between the West and Russia.


We are therefore, firmly behind General Sir Nick Carter, who is pleading with the government to increase investment in the military as it is way behind Russia.

Naturally, if a conflict were to arise, Britain would be backed by NATO, however, Britain has to hold its own in any conflict and not rely on others.

While Russia has been developing new Armata tanks, the Army’s Challenger 2 hasn’t been modernised for 20 years.


The UK currently spends less than 2% of GDP on military funding. This is atrocious and disastrous in a world that can kick into conflict at any moment. The UK government must increase the budget to at least 10% or 15% of GDP to come close to closing the gap with Russia. If it does not do this soon, there will be disaster ahead as a woefully underprepared UK military force is thrust into war, with little or nothing to fight with.

Bring back the draft

Furthermore, the UK must seriously consider reinstating military conscription for all adults from the ages of 16 to 32. This action would boost our military force immeasurably, as well as give many of the youth purpose in their lives where they would otherwise be unemployed or in prison.

Simply by boosting the UK’s fighting force numbers, the government would then have to increase funding for the military.

If the UK government does not heed this warning now, it will falter in the future, especially if you have a Russian army cutting through Sweden, Finland and Poland in a few days like a knife through butter.

The key to any war is preparedness, and currently the UK is not prepared, technologically or in terms of manforce.

Do you support compulsory military conscription and increase in MoD budget immediately?

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