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Red Ed Joins Insipid Lame March With No Purpose

LONDON - England - There's nothing worse than seeing people protesting about nothing and offering no solutions or alternatives to Britain's economic problems.

People should be angry with purpose and know what they want. In the case of the protesters ambling through the streets of London today, they have no vision, no purpose of what they should be fighting for or why. Is this a symptom of our jumbled times where there is no clear picture anymore, where black is sometimes white, where grey is sometimes black, or is there a simpler reason for this ineptitude? 

The protesters put it quite simply. They do not want cuts, but they don’t say anything about where they are going to get the money to pay for services that will have to be cut. Taxing the rich even more will simply result in more wealthy people leaving Britain forever thus being counter productive to the economy. The hypocritical union officials are all on vast salaries as were the Labour politicians during their spendthrift reign. How about tax dodgers like the Guardian newspaper? I’m sure the protesters won’t want to admit that small piece of detail.

These protesters, headed by Ed Milliband and Ed Balls, also don’t seem to mention the fact that it was the Labour government that recklessly spent all of Britain’s cash. What about Gordon Brown selling off Britain’s gold reserves at the bottom of the market when he was Chancellor? No mention of that, of course.

The media mistakenly dubs the violent protesters as ‘anarchists’, however, since when have anarchists wanted to have big government invading everything? These people ‘rioting’ effetely are not anarchists, they are pissed off socialists. Anarchists want government smashed up totally, not enlarged.

Naturally, what usually happens during these inane useless excursions to the centre of town is a gaggle of disenchanted socialists end up throwing a bit of paint around and maybe lob a few pebbles at a Topshop or bank.

In other words, it’s all very polite and British. You won’t get a real skirmish like Tahrir Square or a real angry Parisian anarchic explosion, just a little squabble here and there, then the kettling begins and sooner or later after a few hours, it’s all over and everyone gets to go home on the tube.

All in all a nice day out for the champagne socialists and other misguided ignorant idiots with no knowledge about what’s really going on, who caused this mess we’re in in the first place, and how we should get the f*ck out of this mess. Their lame protests mean nothing and gain nothing, they have no purpose with their mindless impotent attempts at creating change and are all simply flailing around in the dark like the deluded bewildered stooges that they really are.

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  1. It shows how well the brainwashing has worked in this county when the majorit of the population remain silent. This is the reality of the situation. The majority of Britains population do not do anything, they sit there and watch, they are silent as the government continues its evil plans. We're all fu@@ed if no one does anything, thats why some of us are trying to do something.

  2. When was the last time you americans had a nice big demonstration? And achieved something from it?

  3. British ppl are cowards. That's what it looks like, hey i'm not saying us Americans are any better but we would never take what you Brits take. We got guns too, you ppl are unarmed. I feel sorry for the English.

  4. Just what does it take these days to make Brits really pissed off, mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? Your students showed some impressive spirit when they vandalized Prince Charles and the Mrs., and spray painted Winston Churchill's statue, where did it go? To afternoon high tea and then on bank holiday to Blackpool? You are almost (but not quite) as bad as your American sheep cousins across the pond who are too fat and stupid to even realize their getting screwed and certainly wouldn't get up off the couch even if they knew they were.

  5. Their all a bunch of pussies…never seen such a load of wooly pom poms in one place. I had a good laff watching it on the news. Is this what this country has got to I'm ashamed for Britain.

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