Get Rich Quick Schemer Uses Own Get Rich Scheme to Get Rich

FORT LAUDERDALE - USA - Instead of selling his get-rich-quick scheme to con people out of their hard-earned cash, Barney Topper, 56, has decided to actually attempt to use his own get-rich scheme himself and make money from it.

After many years conning thousands of people out of their money with his bogus get-rich-quick schemes, Mr Topper has decided to embark on something that is completely unheard of in the world of get-rich-quick scammers — honesty.

“I will make you rich sucker”

The internet is full of them, people who create bogus schemes claiming to make you untold riches quickly. Your inbox is probably overflowing with these things as the spammers and scammers all vie for your cash. But one man has decided to try and take an honest path, he doesn’t want to scam you anymore, he wants to actually try his own get-rich-quick scheme and even attempt to make money from it.

Seen the Light

“I was selling this scheme that has a totally ridiculous idea to it that only a stupid moron would fall for. I was making $2000 per day selling the idea on the internet and the suckers were eating it up, but now I want to actually use the scam scheme and try to make some dough with it. I want to be honest. I gave all the money I made previously selling the scam to charity,” Topper said from his sprawling Florida home.

Like millions of scams across the internet there is no hope in hell for Mr Topper, a former scammer, who is doomed to never make money from his scheme.

“The guy’s an idiot. He fell for his own scam. Now that’s rule number one for professional internet scammers, spammers and crooks. Don’t get high on your own supply. He should’ve known that before he tried to go clean,” Ari Earlstein, another Florida internet scammer told Scam Weekly magazine.

Update: Since Mr Topper tried to go straight and try his own get-rich-quick scheme to get rich, he has lost his house, fleet of luxury cars, girlfriends, wife and computer.