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Osborne 1p Off Fuel Duty Causes Motorists to Hold Street Parties

LONDON - England - All across Britain simultaneous street parties erupted at the jubilant news on Tuesday that the Chancellor generously cut 1p off fuel duty.


“I’m so happy, instead of paying £120 to fill up my car, now I pay £116. This is such a relief I almost cried with joy,” Andy McFarther, 43, a supply teacher from Aberystwyth, Wales, told the Sun newspaper.

There was joy across the whole of Britain as the streets filled up with tables, decorations and revellers all whooping with delight.

Anne Dickinson from Bushygap in Northumberland said: “Thank you George Osborne, I can now drive my Datsun to the shop and back. This 1p off the 87% fuel tax rate has made an enormous difference.”

Motorists will now be only paying £6.50 per gallon, which is a great relief to many households in Britain.

“George Osborne wanted to give something back to the people, and with this 1p reduction, Britain’s economy will also be allowed to grow because this means that all vehicles will be able to travel for a few more yards at a cheaper cost,” Transport Minister, Roger Hole, told a Commons briefing yesterday.

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