Glow in the Dark Sushi Big Hit in New York

NEW YORK - USA - They say this is a city that never sleeps, and now you can see your sushi glow in the dark.

New York sushi fans are flocking to Yokio’s Radioactive Sushi Emporium on 34th Street to sample the amazing sushi on display.

“We just got a delivery from Fukushita, Japan, three days ago and this sushi is potent stuff. It glows in the f*cking dark. We don’t actually have to put the lights on at night because the green glow from the sushi lights up the whole place like daylight,” owner, Jim Sayonara, told WKZ34 news on Friday.

When patrons dine at the restaurant there is also a distinct clicking sound as the gamma radiation seeps into everything.

Yokio’s radioactive sushi chef, Akiro Hondo, prepares glowing raw fish

“I tried to eat some sushi last night and it not only glowed in the dark but I think it also mutated in front of me by growing some legs and walking away. I’m not sh*tting you,” Perdee Asshoe, 23, from Brooklyn said from her hospital bed in Queens.

Another diner said: “Everyone was green with envy when I told them I got a reservation here. I ate so much glowing green sushi that I bet my poop’s going to be green tomorrow — that is if my butt hasn’t melted off my body.”

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