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Murdoch Given Green Light to Control All UK Media

LONDON - England - David Cameron promised to his master Rupert Murdoch, before his election into office, he would give him the keys to the whole of the UK's media, once Murdoch's empire had secured his election through the media.

“Murdoch already controls 90% of the world’s media and now he will pretty much control all of the UK’s media after getting the go-ahead to secure BSkyB by Cameron’s government,” a Westminster political commentator revealed.

Murdoch’s octopus like grip over the world’s media is a testament to control techniques that would make even Hitler or Goebbels quiver with abject jealousy.

“Murdoch will start feeding even more of the propaganda through even more news outlets he controls. Once he takes over 99% of the UK’s media, his evil plan of indoctrination will be in place,” one of Murdoch’s indoctrination controllers, Arnold Meshugass said from the offices of the now Murdoch controlled BSkyB company.

Resistance is futile

Rupert Murdoch’s demonic media entity has a vice grip over the majority of the media churning out propaganda only favouring his agenda, and denigrating anything in the way of its message of ultimate control.

“We control Hollywood, we control the world’s financial system and we also control the world’s media. In other words we control everything you can ever think about. What you gonna do about it huh?” Joel Schmool, head of communications of the Murdoch conglomerate bragged at a recent news conference for Fox News’ Media Control Symposium in Las Vegas.

This new directive is another nail in the coffin of our so-called democracy because it will ensure that impartiality and real news reporting will be forbidden and brushed under the carpet forever.

“From now on there will be news that favours only our agenda. Nothing else matters, because it simply does not exist in our eyes. You will be fed this news 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and you will not be able to get away from it even if you try,” a jubilant Mr Murdoch said from his luxury yacht moored off Monaco yesterday.

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