Why Pretty Patel Should Not Be Sacked

LONDON - England - Theresa May must not sack Priti Patel. We give good reasons for our stance.

Apparently Pretty Priti Patel is about to be sacked by Theresa May because of some weird mix up over talking to the Israelis.

Surely this cannot be so? It is quite clear that Priti Patel, a very capable MP and Vote Leave campaigner should not get the sack because she was told to keep the information hush hush by the peeps up on high, and she was just pandering to their wishes.

The main reason for not sacking Pretty Patel is because she is quite the pretty one, and to lose such prettiness from the Cabinet would be sad to say the least.

She looks pretty here, she looks pretty there, and there should be more pretty female MPs, but under the current PC climate, one must not dare go any further, and even calling Priti Patel pretty could get one in all sorts of trouble.

So, to concisely put the point forward, please do not sack pretty Priti Patel, with those perfect pretty dimpled cheeks, and her perfect pretty face, because she is in the words of Larry David, ‘pretty, pretty, good’.