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Black Plague Spreads – When Mother Nature Fights Back

LONDON - England - The secretive think tank which deals with overpopulation matters called CULL, release their latest communique.

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“The airborne pneumonic plague which erupted in Madagascar is now spreading onto nine African countries through air traffic. What is a breath of stale air of death for the overpopulated regions it spreads to is a breath of fresh air for the planet.

“Human overpopulation is a serious problem that has to be controlled, because over breeding causes devastation to whole regions of the earth, kills off finite resources, creates massive poverty, conflict, misery and immense amounts of pollution.

Exponential Increase

“Already the human population of the earth is 7.6 billion and rising. This is not sustainable for the planet, and ultimately the human race. Overpopulation reduces the planet’s ability to host such numbers, and the human population rising will eventually create all out war as resources diminish further.


“The population of China is currently 1.379 billion, and of India 1.324, and of the African continent 1.216 billion. These are the areas where the most waste is created and an incurable airborne plague spreading through air and sea traffic would solve much of the earth’s problems. However, even this would be too little too late, as the eradication would have to reach over 90% of the earth’s population for humans to exist in a peaceful, sustainable environment and respect what is left of the earth’s remaining resources.

“Diseases like AIDS have had minimal impact on the earth’s population, however an airborne incurable medicine to overpopulation could be the answer mother nature has been wishing on for some time.


What happens afterwards?

“The surviving governing global authority must make sure that all breeding is heavily controlled from then on so that this mess can never be allowed to happen again. Responsibility will be the key. We are already in a Malthusian nightmare of grotesque proportions which makes most of the globe almost ungovernable and destined for serious ecological destruction. Little Prince Wills is correct in his summation.

“This is why an all encompassing solution like the airborne black plague is a breath of fresh air for mother nature, as she creates, she can also take back if she has been abused, and certainly over the last century or so, mother nature has been ripped and shredded from her mantle.

“There is no cause for alarm amongst the populations, they should be fed their diet of game shows, Facebook and smart phones. They should not be aware of what is happening until it is too late, and by then there will be no easing of urgency of the project and the process at hand.”

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