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Obama’s Job is Done

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Critics of Barack Hussein Obama say that he has created more discord, polarity, bankruptcy and hopelessness. They are right. That was his job in the first place.

“He has done more damage to the USA than even Bush and that’s saying something. I have to say though, he’s achieved what he was put in place for, as was Bush. Obama’s job was to take America into the quagmire further and he has done a stellar job of it. One must realise that for the introduction of a true world government and new world order, America cannot exist in its present form. This is why it has to be broken up, so that the new world government can take full control. Of course, we have countries like Afghanistan, Iran which are still slightly out of the world order, but this is why we are conducting special operations within these countries to bring these rogue states under our control. As for America, a wasteful country like that can never be allowed to happen again, it must never be allowed to exist again. Obama has done a very good job for his masters and this is why we, his controllers, commend his wonderful work,” a Brussels politician told the Novus Ordo newspaper yesterday.

Obama’s attack on American civil liberties; increasing of troop numbers in war zones; health care reform; bogus stimulus drives and wasteful budget are all great ways of restricting America’s strength.

“Every day they spend trillions of dollars they don’t have and print more paper money knowing very well that this will contribute to America’s destruction as an economic force. There does not have to be a traditionally violent takeover, this will be a peaceful destruction with a pliant American people too busy playing with electronic gadgets and watching brain dead American entertainment programs to realise what is going on. Once the full extent of the destruction is discovered by the people, it will be too late. China and the UN will just walk in and takeover. Expect checkpoints, food shortages, and the slow whittling down of the population. The post-consumerist age dictates that technology has finally come to a stage where the consumer is not required to service the elite. Slavery will be mechanized therefore making the consumer redundant, an aged model that will be phased out and erased from history,” another EU official disclosed.

Soon, the storm troopers will be knocking on your door, instead of some poor defenceless Arab’s, to ransack your home and take away your guns. This is the reality of America’s future, where the fourth amendment and constitution will be trampled on, and consigned to the dustbin of history.

This is why Barack Hussein Obama and his handlers are doing what they are doing to the economy now. This is why Lehman Brothers were paid off and given a show grilling as a form of public theatre. This is why nutrients from human food are being systematically removed from the food chain and replaced by genetically modified material. This is why your travel is being restricted. This is why you will read this, then go back to your mundane Facebook page and forget about everything.

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  1. All US Presidents are Puppets! Anyone who believes otherwise is a fool. Wake up from the matrix and once you do, you'll laugh at the way the world is run.

  2. Whoever writes thisarticle is a friggin' moron….I have plenty of work….If you want to work,
    there are plenty of jobs….I've had no problem and i'm doing way better than when Buish was in office….If someone is not working then they need to get up off their lazy ass..

  3. So much stuff that I have read on this site in the past has come true however wacky you guys write it.

    That’s why when I read this piece.

    I just hope it don’t come true. We’re half way there though.

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