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Obama Wins Second Nobel Peace Prize

OSLO - Norway - President Barack Obama has won his second Nobel Peace Prize in less than two years, the Nobel Peace Prize panel has announced.

We thought we’d give him another Nobel Peace Prize, because he’s still there. He’s alive and well, hasn’t bought the farm, no rednecks been at him. For us that’s a big enough deal, right there,” Jens Kappa Unninson, the Nobel Peace Prize’s president told Norway’s premier newspaper, Aftenposten.

Naturally, President Obama, was pleased to be awarded another Nobel Peace Prize and will fly to Oslo to collect it in December.

“In this time of hardship, the president is very happy to receive another Nobel Peace Prize. He will accept the prize with gratitude and would like to thank the Nobel board for believing in his policies of Hope and Change,” Moshe Liebowitz, the White House’s spokesman told CNN.

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  1. I don't understand why people have so much aggression towards Obama. It seems like he is doing a far better job than Bush ever did. Hmmm, wonder could it have a little bit to do with…

    Dun dun dahhhh!


  2. It’s a joke boys and girls. But then…Obama would be too if what he’s done to the USA was not so tragic.

  3. Since he’s the President it wouldn’t look right to give him his welfare check so they’ve devised a way to give him his free shit through the Nobel Peace Prize foundation. If you do your homework you’ll find the Nobel Foundation is funded by the Tides Foundation and supported by ACORN. Don’t forget George Soros is a big benefactor in the system as well.

  4. He didn’t deserve the first prize he received and now they are gonna award him a second one??? The NObel Peace prize committee is as useless as the United Nations!

  5. I think he deserves another nobel prise why not? He has done so much with Healthcare, and pulled troops out of Iraq. Give the man a chance, he’s got alot to work thru cuz of the mess Bush left behinf,

  6. Obama Wins Second Nobel Peace Prize

    not on my watch he don’t/ this better be a big joke. What kind of a joke is that ? You think its funny?

  7. He doesnt derve it. I gonna write to congress about it. Look what he’s done to our nation====NOTHING! Big FAT ZERO 00000 He never deserved the first one. Everybody write to your congressman or senator and ask for this to be stopped. Stop the madness..OMFG I AM SO ANGRIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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