Obama Wins Second Nobel Peace Prize

OSLO - Norway - President Barack Obama has won his second Nobel Peace Prize in less than two years, the Nobel Peace Prize panel has announced.

We thought we’d give him another Nobel Peace Prize, because he’s still there. He’s alive and well, hasn’t bought the farm, no rednecks been at him. For us that’s a big enough deal, right there,” Jens Kappa Unninson, the Nobel Peace Prize’s president told Norway’s premier newspaper, Aftenposten.

Naturally, President Obama, was pleased to be awarded another Nobel Peace Prize and will fly to Oslo to collect it in December.

“In this time of hardship, the president is very happy to receive another Nobel Peace Prize. He will accept the prize with gratitude and would like to thank the Nobel board for believing in his policies of Hope and Change,” Moshe Liebowitz, the White House’s spokesman told CNN.