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British French American German Terror Attacks 'Highly Likely' to Occur at Anytime

LONDON - England - Terror attacks are 'highly likely' and could occur at anytime, the French, German, American and UK governments have revealed.

France has warned its citizens that terror attacks are ‘highly likely’ in the UK and America has warned that terror attacks are ‘most probable’ in Europe soon, whilst the British government says that terror attacks will occur in France.

The German Foreign Ministry has said that terror attacks could occur in America and the British government has warned its citizens on travelling to France, Germany and America.

The Austrian government, however, have stayed out of the terror attack warning spree and have not issued any terror attack warnings yet. Switzerland, was also quiet and neutral about the whole sordid terror attack fiasco.

“We’ve got terror attacks coming out of the ass here. What am I going to do? This morning I couldn’t even get out of my f*cking bed let alone out of my hotel room,” an angry tourist from Alabama, U.S.A, told CNN whilst on vacation in Paris, France.

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