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Tony Blair Book Bestseller in Iraq

BAGHDAD - Iraq - Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, made a surprise visit to the war-torn capital city today to attend a much appreciated book signing.

As book signings
go, this one surely took the detonator. Ex-prime minister Blair touched
down outside the Baghdad bookshop, deep within the Green Zone in a
chartered military helicopter and was met with cheers from the assembled
crowd of cherry-picked book signing attendees.

“We are gathered
here today to buy one of Mr Blair’s books. I braved two suicide
bombings and an American attack helicopter to get here today, so I’m
truly glad the greedy money-grabbing bastard finally turned up,” Abdul Mejid Hassan, a one armed baker
from downtown Baghdad told the Iraq Times.

Tony Blair’s ‘The Journey’ has been selling like hot shrapnel in Iraq and has topped the bestseller list for over four weeks.

Speaking from the London offices of Schister and Schister, Aaron Reubens
told the BBC: “We were keen to capitalise on Mr Blair’s success in Iraq
as a liberator by releasing the book there as well. Not only was he instrumental in stripping Iraqis of their sovereignty, their dignity, their oil and their future; he is now giving back a small morsel of himself as a sign of his undying gratitude for their defeat as a people. What more can a country ask for?”

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