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George Michael Looking Forward to Jail

LONDON - England - Pop singer George Michael has revealed his joy at the prospect of being sent to jail for reckless driving while under the influence of drugs.

The singer admitted driving under the influence of cannabis for the second time in three years and is looking forward to being incarcerated with loads of guys in a prison.

Sentencing the pop star, judge Andrew Ridgemount, immediately banned him from the road and said he will be jailed when he returns to court on September 14.

Michael, real name Georgios Panayiotou, revealed his delight at the prospect of being jailed: “I’ll actually enjoy it. Prison won’t be a public lavatory or some bushes in Hampstead Heath, I can’t wait for some ‘careless whispers’ in the prison showers. I have all the faith in the world that the judge will give me a long sentence so that those rough prison boys can wake me up before I go go. Ooh, jail’s going to be like the Club Tropicana, I’ve even got my shorts out for the occasion.”

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