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Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone’s New Son Exclusive Pics

LONDON - England - Ken Livingstone showed off his new son on a day out at London Zoo yesterday.

The former London mayor was spotted at London Zoo
with his new son from estranged Russian wife Ludmilla Stalin, who worked as a cleaner for the current Mayor, Boris Johnson for a year.

According to rumours circulating, there is a question of the paternity of the child and this is the reason why Mr Livingstone’s wife was sent back to Siberia last week.

“Old Red Ken looked like he was having a great day out with his son. I’m not sure how to say this, but his son looks like someone I’ve seen on posters in the Underground and sides of buses,” Reggie Carbunkle, 65, from East Croydon, who was on a day out with his wife Maureen, told the BBC.

Sightings of Ken Livingstone have been limited since his shameful departure as London Mayor a few years ago, although, he has been heard on the radio quite a lot recently moaning about how his job was stolen by a certain frisky toff. Looks like that’s not the only thing that was tampered with.

“Ken’s son can speak fluent ancient Greek and has a wonderful head of hair, it’s quite astounding actually. He also likes to call commoners like his ‘dad’ an ‘oik’. I wonder who else speaks and acts like that?” another zoo visitor asked.

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