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How Muslim Women in France are Skirting Around Niqab Ban

MARSEILLES - France - After the French authorities banned the niqab for all Muslim women in the country, many Islamic women are finding novel ways around the ban.

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“I’m now wearing a
French flag tricolour. There’s nothing they can do to stop me from walking
around with a French flag over my head. Vive la France et Allah!” Nuri Al
Fattah told French channel, Canal+.

Everywhere across France,
from Nice to Calais, from Monaco to Bordeaux, the mainly Algerian descent
women are marching through the streets wearing a French flag over their

“It’s actually quite nice, because we cannot say to them
that they are stinking Muslim scum anymore like when they were wearing
those black coffins. Now they look rather nice and it would be
unpatriotic for any French Christian person to ask these women to take
down their flags,” Jean Baptiste Renoir, Officer de la paix principal of
the Cherbourg Gendarmerie told Le Figaro.

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