UK Election Debate: "Beam Me Up Scotty"

ALPHA CENTAURI - Centaurus - Three political leaders were today beamed up to the USS Starship Bollocks.

Speaking from the Starship Bollocks, Captain Berk said: “We have beamed up the three serial bullshitters from the planet Quango and put them on a one way trip to the outer reaches of the Alpha Centauri star system. They did try to evade capture but we set phasers to stun and got them to the transporter room pronto.”

According to Starfleet records, the three bullshit merchants tried to talk their way out of the situation with the same old load of tosh that has been spouted since time immemorial.

“These serial bullshit artists, especially the Klingon, Gordon Brown, skirted around the real issues and questions with lots of repetition, empty rhetoric and lies, lies, lies,” Lieutenant commander Smock told the bridge.

Scotty then beamed up the miscreants who were then despatched to an off world colony somewhere in sector 54T.