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We Should Have Volcanic Eruptions More Often

LONDON - England - Ahh, the silence, the sweet silence. Many people were today revelling in beautiful tranquility after all commercial planes were grounded due to volcanic ash in Iceland.

“Yesterday and today were bliss, I didn’t hear one single aeroplane in the sky. There were no trails, no noise, just sweet silence. It’s utter joy and I pray there are more volcanic eruptions in the future,” a resident of Hounslow, West London told the BBC.

All across the country there have been quiet celebrations at the grounding of all aircraft.

Hush the blighted skies

“Every day we have over 700 flights over our house, starting from 4am till the next morning. I’ve just been out in the garden relaxing and all I heard was this lovely deafening silence. It’s absolutely wonderful, I can’t describe the feeling of peace that has come across me without the incessant noise of low flying commercial aircraft constantly there,” Sarah Heron, from Putney told ITV.

Many people across the UK are praying that the silent skies last for many days. Here’s to more volcanic eruptions bringing us peaceful quiet blue skies to look up and enjoy.

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