Unite Union Suspected Behind Iceland Volcano Eruption

REYKJAVIK - Iceland - It has been discovered that a contingent of Unite union members had made a trip to the volcanic island just before its surprise eruption last week.

“This volcanic ash disruption of the airlines had something fishy about it and that’s why we decided to investigate,” Bernard Morgan, a British Airways senior manager told an emergency meeting last night in London.

British government officials were also shipped over to Iceland to see the damning evidence that has grounded the whole airline industry as well as British Airways.

There are serious questions to be asked. Why did a team of thirty Unite union members transport 450 tonnes of high grade explosive to the crater of the volcano last week under cover of darkness? Why did they then flee the country soon after the massive eruption? Why have investigators found Unite union manuals at the bottom of Eyjafjallajoekull volcano?

Geological scientists and volcanic experts were said to corroborate the allegations that the eruption could have been caused by sabotage. According to leading experts, the Stratovolcano could easily be ruptured by a large explosion freeing up the immense pressure build up from below.

“Looks like the Unite union will do anything to ground British Airways, and if that means taking out all the other airlines too, well, there you have it. The evidence is damning to say the least, they somehow engineered the volcano to erupt. Let’s say that they gave it a helping hand. We will make sure that they are brought to justice and punished to the full extent of the law for their crimes,” Mr Morgan vowed on Friday.

Unite union officials at their head office in Grimstye, North-East England, refused to comment on the serious allegations yesterday.

  • Donny Gaul

    Ehhhhhhhh…..If you say volcanoes very very slowly it sounds like oranges….

  • Kieron



  • Gus

    These people are criminals and I hope they arrest them I don’t understand why they don’t catch them? Maybe it is a government conspiracy to cause more terror.

  • Floris

    Of course. They planned this all along, together with the guys that faked the moonlanding and Lee Harvey Oswald.

  • ItSaHooT

    Are we supposed to believe that the Volcanic eruption was man made.
    Ok let me look at this in reverse, why would they ruin next summers vacation by effecting our weather in such a bad way. Most motives are money driven so I will pretend that it is for money.Ok how do you profit from ruining the weather for a year or so.
    I got it They are going to corner the global wheat futures market. Too late I beat you to it 🙂