Killer Whale Kept as Pet Kills Owner

FLORIDA- USA - The Killer Whale apparently jumped out of the water and grabbed the owner mauling them to death, reports say.

“One minute the Killer Whale was swimming around gnashing its teeth and the next it jumped up and chomped on its owner. These Killer Whales sure are dangerous huh!” Vince Kiebold, a rescue worker who attended the scene told Florida’s F-TV network.

Killer Whales, as their name suggests, can be quite dangerous and are rather predisposed to the tendency to kill say some leading experts.

“When Killer Whales bite you, that means they’re simply doing what is natural to them, that’s why we call them Killer Whales folks. Maybe it’s not such a good idea to keep them as pets and try to train them to do silly tricks,” Dr Woody Guthrie, told National Geographic magazine.