Six Year Old Child Explains Biased Article 50 Court Case

LONDON - England - A six year old child explains the intricacies of holding a court case with not only biased EU-centric judges but an overwhelming team of lawyers speaking against the government.


Even a six year old child could see the biased court case attempting to thwart Brexit yesterday.

Day Four of Biased EU-centric Lawyers and Judges Paying Themselves Vast Sums of Money

The six year old said: “This is incredible there are seven lawyers against one stuttering government lawyer and that’s not including the EU judges presiding.”

Whilst playing with some toys the child then went on to say: “Hmm, I understand we have a lawyer for Wales, and they overwhelmingly voted to leave, but lookie here, he is undermining the government as well. Wow. That’s a real surprise.”

The most disappointment however came from the no wigs policy.

“They’re not wearing wigs. Waaah! Why aren’t they wearing those white powdery wig thingies?”

Another tantrum ensued..