Satire Has Been Attacked For Thousands of Years So ‘Fake News’ is Old News

LONDON - England - Satire as a literary genre is once again under attack, however throughout its thousands of years, this is nothing new.


The American sovietized socialist movement which is spearheading a push on the internet to label any opposing view of its doctrines as ‘fake news’ is not only deeply entrenched in ignorance but has a certain Stalinist flavour to its misconceived Stasi stance in shutting of free speech on the net.


The profound ignorance about the satirical literary genre is of course laughable, but it is also intrinsically sad, because here are these big so-called media ‘guardians of the internet’ people and they know nothing about satire, history or literature.

They have never heard of Aristophanes or Juvenal, they have no idea about Chris Morris or Monty Python, instead their Americanized limited world view only sees things in black or white, yes or no, real or fake not as “a full dish of various kinds of fruits”.

The Daily Squib was conceived on this very point, because it sought to challenge what is perceived as reality and fiction, and to mix everything into one big pot. Our role is for the viewer to question their reality and not to just accept blindly what they are fed through the mainstream media. If you question, you are one step ahead towards expanding your world view.

To see the countless attacks on the Daily Squib by illiterate Americans is a sign that we are possibly on the right track, our life’s long mission is to WAKE YOU THE FUCK UP. Get up from your zombified Black Friday stupor and check your sources, learn about history and how it affects current affairs today, read a book or read thousands of books. Get some background on the massive amounts of knowledge there is out there, cram it into your brain, so when you read an article title you will immediately realise it is satire, which is a genuine literary art form in its own right, and is not ‘fake news’.

Our site has been punished and nearly erased from the internet numerous times but we fought back, we never capitulated to the communists, and the (American liberal) socialists who wanted to shut down a voice beyond their peculiar Soviet world view. Socialists are meant to be progressives, however they have been found to be the most closed off people. Socialists do not appreciate another point of view, they censor, they cut off advertising revenue, they will do everything in their power to hurt our site. Socialists under the horrible eight years of Obama presidency have turned the internet into a Soviet gulag where only opinions from state sponsored news holds any merit and the rest is labelled as ‘fake news’. They are simply using the Soviet techniques of censorship, to brand any opinion that is not part of their socialist rhetoric as ‘fake’ and to limit free speech and freedom of expression.

The Daily Squib is an equal opportunity hater, we fucking hate socialists, we fucking hate fascists and we fucking hate anyone in the middle. We do not allude to any political doctrine, or religious creed, or race, and are separate to any of these factions or ways of pigeon holing elements of human society/people/political doctrine.

Ignorant illiterates

This is why they are so afraid of us, for it is in this satirical mirror we show the world who they really are and what they are really saying through their cloaked media releases. Satire is the ultimate truth, something the mainstream media and their controlled reporters are very afraid of. Instead you bring out misinformed uneducated American idiots like Dave Van Zandt, and assistant Professor Melissa Zimdars who know nothing about satire, or it seems anything else.

The Squib is not the Horatian but Juvenalian, and that type of satire has been persecuted more than the Horatian which has been tolerated. The Daily Squib will continue abrasively ridiculing societal structures, your hypocritical lie filled lives, your cronyism and grotesque levels of injustice spouted from robotic officials who are inherently evil monsters spouting festering shit into the mire.

Satire has existed for thousands of years and will continue to exist for thousands of more years.

Nevertheless, the Daily Squib writers are available for recruitment by allied intelligence agencies for any Disinformation operations needed to destabilise opposing regimes, governments etc..for a good fee of course..and benefits..