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US Election Latest: It’s Over For Trump

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Most of us already knew it was never to be, but now even staunch Trump supporters are starting to feel the pressure of defeat.

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On November 9th there can only be one result, and the Daily Squib knew that from the beginning.

Sure, supporting such a headstrong divisive figure like Donald Trump was a risk many were willing to take as a ‘fuck you’ to the administration, however when you have a candidate that shoots themselves in the foot more than once, you gotta know something is wrong.

The true anti-establishment candidate for any election would definitely be a Ron Paul and son ticket, Trump is just a reality show chump who talks dirty and has the base logical skills within the political mine field of a chimp on tic tacs.

Don’t forget folks, election vote machines of course are easily altered and the mass of immigrants who can vote want a piece of Trump meat to put on their mantle piece after the election.

As for the female-centric ‘progressive’ vote, Hillary is pushing all the right buttons. This is the new age of women, where you have Merkel in Europe, May in Britain and soon Clinton in the most powerful nation in the world. We are firmly ensconced within a feminist world, ruled by women. All primary schools are ruled by women, all pop charts are now predominantly filled by women, 90% of commerce is geared solely to women, and every senior media position is filled and controlled by women. We are being taught, and ruled by the female sensibilities, and the age of the male has disappeared under a stiletto heel firmly crushing the male testicles of masculinity.

Who is to say how the female touch will affect Vladimir Putin, or some Middle Eastern despot? One could almost say the female is the deadlier of the species, and as much as guys like Vlad like to pose in macho photo shoots, having his balls crushed by Hillary Clinton could certainly bring him to heel.

The elite agenda at the moment is to push the female front. Everything female is okay, everything male is not. There is nothing anyone can do about these agendas and schemes apart from sit back and watch the show.

Globalism cannot be stopped, and someone like Trump is too big a threat to the agenda of women seen to be ruling, and the flooding of Western nations with millions of undesirables.

To create further destruction, women are the best conduit, for they come with smiling motherly faces, pleading gentility yet dealing out severity.

Whether it is civil war, mass social unrest, or all out war, these are all accepted symptoms to what is coming. The Controllers welcome it, and they will even encourage the outrage as the old systems, old traditions are slowly quashed, eventually erased completely. The shift from one system to another is not going to be painless, one cannot make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

The future is conflict, economic conflict, actual conflict and all the time the population are mesmerised by social media, and their little TV shows, they are more concerned by their Facebook pages than what is actually going on. By the time they realise, it will of course be too late.

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