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Scripted Obama Uses Teleprompter in White House Bedroom

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Barack Obama's wife was said to be fuming after the US president refused to remove his teleprompter from the White House bedroom.

Speaking on CBS’ Early Show, Michelle Obama was so angry that a little bit of spittle flew out of her frothing mouth and hit host, Julie Chen right in the eye during a morning interview.

“Michelle was raving about Barack and during the ad break she started shouting. Some spit got in Julie Chen’s left eye and her makeup started dripping. We only had 12 seconds until we were back on air so we just had to leave it. Julie was very professional and carried on with the interview as if nothing had happened,” the shows producer reported.

According to the segment producer, Michelle is losing all patience after discovering that Barack, who has to have everything he says and does completely scripted, decided to have a teleprompter installed in their White House bedroom.

“As well as being pumped up with amphetamines so that he can function properly, the president is also told what to say and do at all times of the day and night. Obama cannot even speak a sentence without a teleprompter and is so used to it that he has ordered aides to fire up some conversation scenarios for him to talk to his wife,” a Pentagon spokesman told CNN.

“We had to get some script writers from Hollywood to write up what Obama would say to Michelle. He is so scripted that he can’t actually string a sentence together or even say a word without a script. It’s really that bad. We also have an earpiece which will direct Obama and prompt him to do certain actions if need be. The whole operation works very well most of the time although we have had problems with the teleprompter sticking sometimes. Just yesterday, as Obama was asking Michelle to move a little more to the left during a love making session, the teleprompter stuck and caused mayhem. Last week there was another scare when his earpiece started picking up a radio signal and transmitting rap music, let us just say it did not go down very well as the Obama’s were both enjoying a post coital cigarette,” the aide said.

Could this be the last straw for Michelle Obama who is renowned for her fiery temper and who does not suffer fools gladly?

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