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Gordon Brown Tipped for Professorship at Scunthorpe Technical College

SCUNTHORPE - England - Gordon Brown wants to be a tech. college professor when he quits Downing Street, his close friends have revealed.

source claims the Prime Minister thinks the move will let him spend
more time with his family – and it is likely he will be offered a post
as a visiting academic at a top Northern England institution.

Mr Brown
sparked speculation about his plans for life after Number 10 in an interview
yesterday in which he said: “I could move into indoctrination. Something I am very well versed in.”

He described the job of an educator as a great profession and added there was always something else he could do after being PM apart from sitting in a darkened room and staring at the walls.

it was thought Mr Brown would disappear to his dacha in Southwold for a period of convalescence after his harrowing tenure as Prime Minister.

friends say the 58-year-old now has different priorities and thinks an
academic post would let him spend more time with wife Sarah and sons
John, five, and Fraser, who is three next month.

One pal said last night:
“Gordon would make a fantastic technical college professor. He would of course have to learn how to handle the various missiles thrown at him during lectures; the hoodies knifing everything in sight; chavs on the rampage and of course common room politics.”

But last night, Downing Street was keen to dismiss speculation about Mr Brown’s plans.

A source said: “He has a long time before he needs to be thinking of retirement. Gordon’s Ten Year Plan for the New Age of Change and Collectivized Industrial Revolution is going to preoccupy him for a very long, long time. It was only last week Gordon announced that he was changing the electoral system so that he can never be ousted from his position as Supreme Unelected Leader.”

Among his other interests, like money, Mr Brown’s predecessor, Tony Blair, now teaches a class in faith and globalisation at Yale.

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