Cecil Rhodes Protesters No Better Than ISIS

OXFORD - England - The threat of the Cecil Rhodes statue being removed from Oriel College is an affront to history and Britain's heritage and is no better than the destruction of the past by ISIS.

Britain should be rejoicing with the aspirations and empire building that made the country Great, not pulling down the statues and defecating on the memories of conquest.

Without the British Empire, many nations across the globe would not have the infrastructure they have now, they would not have the courts of law, the railways, the telecommunications, the electricity or the buildings still standing today which hark back to the days of empire.

Demolishing Cecil Rhodes’ statue at Oxford is tantamount to desecration of all that made Britain great, and the socialists and communist students who are pushing for this erasure of history should be unceremoniously removed from Oxford as they are no better than ISIS.

The Islamic State removes works of history, ancient cities, irreplaceable archaeological artefacts with bombs and hammers, the socialist politically-correct Soviet students wish to erase history and heritage with their petitions. Fuck them. They should be paraded through the streets and thrown out of town, they do not deserve an education let alone one at such a place of prestige as Oxford.

News comes in forthwith, that the Alumni are threatening to withdraw millions in funding to Oxford if the statue of Cecil Rhodes is removed, and this news is tempered with moderation by the university as the caterwauling brigands are sent packing back to their holes of ineptitude and hatred free to plot their next attack on history.