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Online Slots or Live Casino Games?

LAS VEGAS - USA - Many people have probably heard a lot about the pros and cons of online casinos and live gambling games. However, do not draw parallels between free online slots and traditional slot machines.

At first glance it may seem that there is less difference between casino online or card and board games. But first, let’s talk about what they have in common.

First of all, the general principle of showing the winning and losing combinations on the screen is determined by a random number generator. It affects the final result of the game. The general principle is as follows: the player spins the reels at a slot machine, while the number generator forms combinations on the screen.

In fact, those are computer programs built with special hardware. So what’s the difference? Let’s start with the advantages of Online Casino Games – Casino-X.

Firstly, you can play casino games online for free. Many users prefer to play online slots just for this reason. They prefer gaining any experience points during training mode before moving on to real money bets.

Secondly, online slots offer players best winnings. It is due to the fact that live casinos cost more than those that operate online. And, of course, online slot machines are available at your disposal at any time.

Online video slots: online casino

The largest modern casinos operating online offer customers hundreds of virtual slot machine games. Most sites provide an opportunity to enjoy casino slot games of several brands. So don’t be limited to one company: there are many small studios producing unparalleled casino slot machines with great graphics, increased theoretical return and maximum payouts.

The main advantages of online casino slots are obvious, so we will not talk about it once again. Still, the first step towards achieving better results is studying the general principles and strategies for the slot machine. Online slots that are used in online casinos have virtually nothing in common with their ancestors – the first mechanical slot machines. The current models are computer programs running on the basis of a random number generator.

Some users believe that it is possible to calculate the results for the random number generators, as they are based on some algorithm. However, the world’s leading experts in the field of online gambling state that it is impossible to guess the principles of random number generators of the well-known brands. Therefore, all the attempts of trying to “outflank the rival” are completely useless.

The rotating drums in online slot machines are nothing more than a tribute to tradition. Actually, there are a lot of new models with some other forms. But the majority of conservative players still prefer standards, so the manufacturers continue to create video slots that simulate the real slot machines.

Currently, the most video slots come with five reels, although it is also possible to find three-reel slot models. The symbols on the reels usually depend on the subject of the given model. For example, if it is Egypt, you will see the pyramids and the pharaohs. The auxiliary images may also include numerals, images of fruits and other simple shapes.

Each online video slot includes the theoretical return percentage, which means what part of the total amount of bets the players get. Currently, the best rate of return should be considered no less than 95%, although there are models with 98% payout percentage. Keep in mind that the majority of video slots can be tested for free before you start spending money. Good luck to all of you while playing online slots!


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