African American Education Levels Increase Under Obama

CHICAGO - USA - African Americans in education have come a long way during Obama's esteemed tenure as president.

Some say that African Americans are blighted by low IQ, poverty, crime and violence, but that is not the case under a new Obama study which details the vast advances in educating young blacks in America.

Principal Tashaonda Johnson, of the Poonteca High School in Alabama was involved in the study and outlined the great strides in education blacks in America have made, especially under Barack Obama’s tenure as president.

“I akse my class I says to them whut do you wanna be when you grows all up? They say they want EBT, gangbanging and thug life. One of them even said he wanna go to jail cuz it safer than his hood. I tol’ them they gots to git an education first so they can know how to scam the system better, if y’all want the easy life you got to make the right decisions.”

In America if blacks move into a neighbourhood, that’s when all other families sell up and leave, but under Obama’s administration, when blacks move to an area, even the homeless leave, it’s a vast improvement for race relations.

Lashonda McMasters, a student at Cranville High in Ohio is a prime example of African American achievement.

“You gotta know how to play the affirmative action game, study a lil, but as long as you black you get in to the job, and the beauty is they can’t fire you. Thas how Obama did it and all the others. I see them as someone to look up to because they gaming whitey. Us black folk, we clevererer than you think. Ima graduate nex yea ‘n’ you’ll see.”

What about white teachers in the American education system, how are they coping with the enormous strides of their African American students?

“We now have two police officers present in every class and even then it is hard to feel safe. I have been punched, kicked, stabbed and shot, but I still try to teach these kids their ABCs,” English teacher, Don Mancuso at Ghettolaunder High School in the Bronx, New York revealed in the study.