Barack Obama – Taking Away America's Guns

MONTANA - USA - Obama says: "There is no more need for an American to own a gun and internal arms policy will change to that effect soon enough."

Taking away an American’s gun is the equivalent of taking away the nipple from a suckling baby. Such is their allegiance to their shooters that it will be a supreme task for Obama to accomplish — the disarmament of every American civilian.

Ever since America’s inception, the gun has held an iconic part within the bloody annals of its history books. The West was built on brute force, first with the annihilation of 90% of the Native Americans and then with the tempering of the slaves to build America’s huge industries.

The gun has also been iconic in modern times through celluloid as well as the entrails of modern conflicts like the Iraqi conflict and perpetual global war of terror started by George W Bush.

Now that Charlton Heston’s dead, is it going to be easier to take away America’s guns?

No one knows what change the Obamamites were dictating, there was no policy information, no specific details, no nothing and yet the masses were so caught up in the ‘Messianic Hollywoodized’ dream that they accepted anything from the pied piper of politics.

“Obama could point to a cliff and they would all just walk off like lemmings such is the level of brainwashing. If you saw the faces in the crowds on election night, glazed eyes and vacant stares of these poor zombies waving their placards, it was truly astounding to watch the level of brainwashing achieved,” an Obama campaigner recalled.

The Bush administration were brought in to commit the atrocities reminiscent of many fascist regimes in the past. They were responsible for demonizing whole swathes of people, for torture, for cold blooded murder and introducing the machinery of elite supremacy into the battlefield of the general population. The technique utilised by Bush’s controllers was a perfect blend of Nazi and Communist rhetoric wherein the masses were duped time and time again. Obama’s remit is much simpler, the dirty work has already been committed and machinery put in place for the New Era, the very rich and elites are now firmly ensconced in their bunkers and will sit out the deluge — albeit in luxury.

“We have plans for the disarmament of all Americans. There is no need for arms under a socialist sovietized nation. There is no need for any Americans to feel that they are in need of protecting themselves because from now on the state will be the supreme and only protector to the people. You can rest assured that once we take away all your guns there will be a calmer society with less murders and indiscriminate shootings,” Carol Kaplinsky, an Obamamite officer told CNN on Monday.


The New World Order of Obama is the New Dawn of the Global Control System according to Obamamites who follow their supreme leader without question.

When Obama brings the New System into fruition he will incorporate all that his handlers ask and his followers will accept everything he requests.

“Of course there will be a few pockets of resistance to the Era of Obama Gun Control but they will be eradicated swiftly and with little remorse. One thing which we cannot afford in any circumstances is a population who can fight back. We have taken the British model into account, yes, they have been totally disarmed. Anyone who defends themselves from an aggressor in the UK is routinely arrested and imprisoned. The British people are putty in the hands of the Stalinist government of Comrade Brown, they are a defeated people as are the French surrender monkeys,” Mrs Kaplinsky added.

“We will have to engineer an atrocity so heinous that people will willingly give their guns up,” a key Obama aide revealed.

The barrel of the gun is still firmly in the hands of the controllers, and they will not hesitate to turn the gun onto the whole population. Nothing has changed within the control system, everyone behind the scenes is the same as last time, it’s just that this time the people will have to be disarmed.

America’s long love affair with guns will soon be finally over.