Filling Petrol Tank in Car Now More Expensive Than Buying New Car

LONDON - England - The cost of filling a family car's petrol tank has now surpassed the cost of buying a new car.

Car manufacturers operating in the UK have come up with novel ways of getting consumers to buy their cars.

If you can afford to fill the car’s fuel tank with a full load of petrol, you just
pay the garage and are then free to drive the car off the lot.

Already Ford and Vauxhall have jumped on the fuel tank promotion bandwagon, Honda and Volkswagon are thinking about it and BMW are also mulling the idea around.

Yesterday, a Dagenham man successfully paid for a full tank of petrol on a new Ford Mondeo; he then simply drove it off the lot and was also rewarded with a three year motor insurance policy
and a spare set of fluffy dice.

With the level of fuel tax in the UK at the highest levels since records began and the International crude oil price rising in the Middle East there has been a major decline in
people affording to run their vehicles in the UK.

The UK has the highest fuel tax in the world with over 76% of the price being taken up by Gordon Brown’s fuel taxes.