Is the White Vote the New Black?

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The Daily Squib's political pundit and master wordsmith, Connor McPhucker plays with the ultimate in election campaign questions.

I have been firmly entrenched in Capital Hill for the past three months and things have really heated up in the American election race.

We’ve had all sorts of smouldering piles of steamy shit being deliberately thrown into the tumultuous whirring fans of political insanity.

Is the new white vote the new black?

Fashionistas all over the world know that black is the “cool thang” and is the measure of all that is “in”.

“It’s cool to be a Negro again, fashions change. Hillary went wrong big time by saying that black people were not cool. Hell, that is one major hang up she has and makes the Clinton’s look real bad. I used to think they was cool, Bill got the black vote but not that wife of his. She’s trying to play black people against themselves and divide them. Obama is a uniter – she ain’t,” Shaquanda Ordell, 56, from Chicago told us.

Indeed the white voter is the new black, Obama is the uniting spirit who has captured a new demographic which has not been registered before. Obama is the new America, the new frontier of youth, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, rich, poor.

How can Hillary compete when even the Ku Klux Klan are endorsing Obama?

Barack Obama has survived everything that has been thrown at him by the Clintons. To their dismay the shit has not stuck and furthermore, they seem to have run out of ideas on what else they can throw at him.

The feeling is
that Hillary Clinton is playing the age old game of ‘divide and
conquer’. With this strategy she hopes to clean up after the race war
she has created reaches its zenith.

Unless the Clintons really dig deep and find that certain skeleton in Obama’s closet that really sticks, this may be her roll call to push off once and for all.

News came this week that Hillary has even resorted to funding her on campaign because no one else is willing to continue bankrolling her.

Liberal white voters have had the U.S. media and their political ‘experts’ also egging them on to prove that they are not racist by voting for Obama.

Whatever happens in the next few weeks will be the deciding factor in an altogether entertaining primary race that has gripped America and the rest of the world.