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Who Is the Most Hated Man in America Today?

CHARLESTON - USA - America has never been such a divided nation in recent times, and with the seething hatred that is spewing from its shores, questions need to be asked.

It’s your choice, you make the decision, who is the most hated man in America, right now?

Barack Hussein Obama, the current president of the United States or Dylann Roof, the Charleston shooter?

Who Do You Hate Most?

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  1. He is a weasel, an immature, vain and petulant little man. This squirrely community organizer has been in so are over his head for nearly 8 years now that it is going to take years to repair the damage he has done. He was elected based on the good will of the American people. The very people he has turned on so viciously. I hate this bastard.

  2. i voted for Obama as most hated because his race baiting has exacerbated tensions and contributed to the SC hate crime

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