Obama: “Whitey Was an Immigrant Once Too”

TEXAS - USA - Obama: This is your land now, we give it to you, the dreamers, you can now come from far and wide, the doors are open, America is finally yours. Welcome!

“Thas right folks, all ya’ll whitey were immigrants to North America once and you systematically conducted a program of genocide on Native Americans killing millions, but don’t let that make you feel bad it was only hundreds of years back huh,” President Obama told an immigration hearing set up by the Republicans.

America’s opposition party have been somewhat caught out in the headlights, having gained control over congress they still find themselves ineffectual and impotent as the Democrat president moves ahead with another executive order.

Open Doors

One of the president’s aides, Ungawa Mkosu, had this to say about allowing the first tranche of 5 million illegals into the U.S.

“First we’re going to let in 5 million this month, then after that it’s a message to some of the poorest nations in South America to come on over. Your people have hope, America, the land of opportunity is also yours, built up, ready to use. You won’t have to live in slums any more, Americans will welcome you into their mansions, the streets are paved with gold, if you have a medical problem you will be cured in some of the best hospitals in the world — for free. We will give you food, housing and jobs. You want to work, many Americans are too lazy, they have been entertained to the point of being obsolete, so you will take their place. America has opened its doors, Obama be praised, not just from South America, you can come from Africa, India, China, anywhere.”

The dreamers have awakened, the gift bestowed on them by Barack Hussein Obama beckons.

Now is the time to act. America is everyone’s land now.

  • Carl


    WTF Now Obama taking speeches from the Daily Squib?!?! You guys need to stop giving his speech writers ideas.

  • Katarina

    Obama usted es la estrella en el ojo…


  • Dr. Z

    General Santa Ana you have your victory eventualy. California is ours again. Viva la revolucion!

  • Jim

    The Red Indians were never killed off by white settlers they just moved to South America stop spreading disinfo.

  • Lucía

    I love president Obama. God bless you.

  • Juan Salazar

    No puedo esperar a llegar allí . Este es el mejor día de mi vida….!!!!!!!!!

    • delores

      es el cruce fronterizo peligroso ?
      he oído de personas murieron
      quiero vivir en california .

      • Juan Cuellar

        Estamos tomando nuestro país último!!!

  • Ames

    Se habla español · Thirteen years of experience as an immigration lawyer at your service. We will help you. Nosotros te ayudaremos.

  • Joseph

    Heelo I from Sierra Leone I want live in America. Can I just come please? I don ot have VISA.

    please send reply to Joseph43@yahoo.com

    • KC

      Sure no problem but you need to get to Mexico first then cross the border.

      If you have enough money to buy a plane ticket to close to the border crossing in Texas or Arizona you could do it all in one day. Good luck compadre. Ya era Hora