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Comrade Cameron Crushing His Own Party and Country

SEKTOR 101 - EU - Supreme comrade in chief, David Cameron, has had a busy day bulldozing half his party and other enemy elements within the EU soviet country of Britain.

Police State Britain: The End of Democracy Within EU Totalitarian Dictatorship

LONDON - England - The introduction of the EU Snoopers Charter is just a little taster of the totalitarian EU state's hold over Britain in the future.

Twitter Invites Soviet Speech Police to Control Discussion

SAN FRANCISCO - USA - The Soviet technique of political correctness, double speak and thoughtcrime is now being adopted by Twitter to inhibit freedom of expression.

Cecil Rhodes Protesters No Better Than ISIS

OXFORD - England - The threat of the Cecil Rhodes statue being removed from Oriel College is an affront to history and Britain's heritage and is no better than the destruction of the past by ISIS.

Britons Will Lose Benefits Under New EU Plan

FRANKFURT - EU - Britons will lose benefits in a new deal constructed by Chancellor Angela Merkel and David Cameron in order to limit migrant influx.

No Brexit Plan Says Osborne Because We Will Ensure Britain Stays...

LONDON - England - No Brexit Plan says George Osborne. His statement is an arrogant signal that the vote is already confirmed.

China: Commies Are Useless at Economics

BEIJING - China - The Communist state meddling with the country's economy and the heavy controls on trading, as well as economic fiscal controls amounts to daily 7% drops in the value of China's stock market.

Comrade Corbyn Purging Party of Dissenters

GRIMSDALE - England - Supreme Comrade Corbyn, leader of the Red Labour party has purged the hierarchy of all traitors, dogs and treasonous anti-Soviet sentiment.

Gender Wars Latest: Feminists Now Growing Beards

MELBOURNE - Australia - Feminists say men with beards are misogynistic sexist pigs so they're now growing their own beards to compete.

Merkel: “We Must Welcome More into EU”

FRANKFURT - Germany - "Wir schaffen das," Angela Merkel has as a mantra, much like Obama's Marxist cry "Yes We Can" there is a resolute determination to undo thousands of years of European history in one fell swoop through collectivist techniques.

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