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The Invisible Front Syria and Iran

DAMASCUS - Syria - There is an invisible front that no one talks about. It is not on any map, it is not mentioned in any news reports. It is however something that denotes the tipping point between global war and peace.

Putin a Secret American Patriot

MOSCOW - Russia - Something is very wrong in America when the upholder of true American patriotism and freedom is a Russian president.

Putin Says “Phwoar!”

HANOVER - Germany - Russian president, Vladimir Putin was seen to be enjoying himself thoroughly at a trade show.

Gérard Depardieu Eats Vladimir Putin

SARANSK - Russia - Gérard Depardieu has eaten the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin announced Saturday, after the French film star had a sudden hunger pang during an impromptu visit to escape a millionaires tax from his homeland.

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