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New London Postcards Unveiled

LONDON - England - New postcards have been unveiled by the London Tourist Board showing the changing face of the capital city.

New Reality Show “I’m a Hate Cleric You Can’t Get Me...

LONDON - England - Based on EU policy in the UK, the latest reality show to hit our shores is so close to reality that it actually is reality.

Sir David Attenborough Examines Phenomenon of ‘White Flight’ From Our Cities

LONDON - England - Just like migratory birds in the winter time, there are similarities to the phenomenon of 'White Flight' from our cities and rural enclaves every few years.

Too Late Cameron Unfettered Immigration Cat Already Out of Bag

LONDON - England - If anyone wants to see what Britain will be like in less than five years watch 'Children of Men' and you will see that fiction has become reality.

Mass EU Third World Immigration Means Death of UK Welfare State

LONDON - England - The already overcrowded British cities are heaving at the seams with people. Resources are pushed to the limit and yet there will be a further deluge when EU restrictions are lifted in 2013 when some of the poorest EU countries will be given free passes to send their poor unemployed unskilled populations to the UK.

Britain Preparing For 48 Million Romanians and Bulgarians

LONDON - England - Britain's pleasant and green countryside is being prepared for the massive influx of immigrants from Europe's poorest countries in 2013, Tory ministers have revealed.

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