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New House of Commons Beer More Acceptable

LONDON - England - Radical feminists in the House of Commons, headed by Labour MP Kate Green, have proclaimed a victory resulting in the demise of the much appreciated Top Totty beer with a new replacement that is more pleasing to the humourless feministas who have campaigned against it.

Female MP Angry For Not Being Taken Seriously After Posing For...

LONDON - England - She has taken Westminster by storm, as well as the innards of many a trouser after posing for photos in GQ magazine.

Labour MP Diane Abbott Disciplined By Plantation Owner

LONDON - England - MP Diane Abbott has been threatened with dismissal back to the cabbage fields if she speaks out again against her masters.

Will Cameron's Third Attempt at a Summer Holiday Work?

LONDON - England - First there were the riots whilst in Tuscany, thousand point stockmarket drops, then the Libyan rebel incursion into Tripoli whilst in Cornwall, and now the PM wants to know what is next?

MPs Could Be Hanged For Expenses Fraud

LONDON - England - Soon there could be a joyful sight over the neo-Gothic edifice of the Houses of Parliament with the swinging lifeless bodies of MPs swaying in the breeze.

MP Admits Not Fiddling Expenses

LONDON - England - Herman Phuckah today became the first sitting MP to admit to not committing expenses fraud when he admitted refusing to claim more than £65,000.

Houses of Parliament Sewage Recycling to Power Half of Country

LONDON - England - A £2.5 million project will see major UK utility companies recycling biomethane produced from human waste in the Houses of Parliament into enough renewable gas to heat and power up to 30 million homes.

MP Arrested After Stealing From Blind Beggar

LONDON - England - A prominent member of parliament has been arrested today at Euston train station after stealing a blind beggar's money, a Met spokesman has revealed.

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