New House of Commons Beer More Acceptable

LONDON - England - Radical feminists in the House of Commons, headed by Labour MP Kate Green, have proclaimed a victory resulting in the demise of the much appreciated Top Totty beer with a new replacement that is more pleasing to the humourless feministas who have campaigned against it.

“This new ale called Crap Totty is more acceptable to us because it has the head of a feminist on the front of it who looks suspiciously like a man, she has a stern puritanical look on her disapproving face and not only that, the beer tastes like weak piss water,” equalities minister, Harriet Harperson, told a hastily convened meeting on beer equality, yesterday outside the Commons restaurant.

Another Labour MP, Dianne Abbot, has also come up against fierce resistance, after demanding that Guiness be renamed ‘Divide and Rule’ where the white froth at the top rules over the majority black stuff at the bottom.

The militant feminists and equality czars in the houses of parliament are now happy that the balance in beer equality has been addressed, especially Ms Green, who failed to declare an interest when tabling an amendment to a bill of her union sponsorship in 2011.

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