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Riots in Greece as Greek Workforce Told to Work

ATHENS - Greece - There were prolonged riots in Greece lasting for over a week, after the Greek prime minister ordered in new 'austerity plans' to try and claw back some of the enormous debts owed by the country's huge budget deficit.

UKIP Leader in Danger of Ending Up in Belgian Dungeon

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Britain's UK Independence Party MEP, Nigel Farage was today in hiding after an outburst he made to the unelected EU's president did not go down very well.

£56 Million Lottery Winner Buys Greece

ATHENS - Greece - After winning the huge Euromillions jackpot last week, Nigel Page and his partner have acquired the country for a knock down price.

The Greek Trojan Horse that Sunk Europe

ATHENS - Greece - As in Virgil's Aeneid, so too has Europe been taken down by the Greeks like the ancient city of Troy.

Unelected Comrade Brown Thanks 'British' People for Sleepwalking into EU Marxist...

SECTOR 08 - Sector 34 - Unelected supreme commander in chief, Comrade Gordon Brown, today thanked the British proletariat for sitting back and watching all of their hard-fought freedoms disappear down an EU plughole.

Comrades Across World Welcome Centralized Economy

NEW YORK - USA - The final bell tolled today for capitalism as a new era was ushered in.

Traitorous Irish Rebels Attempt to Scupper Soviet European State

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Our supreme unelected elite commanders in Brussels were yesterday left with collectivized egg on their face all because of a traitorous democratic coup attempt by the Irish EU sector.

Lord Goldsmith Calls for ‘Britishness’ Day and Oaths to the EU

LONDON - England - In a land full of rotten rhetoric, suffocating taxes, no right to vote on a referendum, and gangs of feral thugs roaming the dangerous streets there have been calls from the unelected Prime Minister Brown to embrace 'Britishness'.

New Study Reveals Junk Food Good for You

ARKANSAS - USA - Forget about organic vegetables and fruit being the key to a healthy diet. Scientists have now come up with proof that eating junk food is better for you than so-called "healthy food."

Comrade Gordon Brown Unveils New Fifty Pence Coin

LONDON - England - Our Supreme Unelected Comrade and leader Gordon Brown has unveiled the design for the new fifty pence coin.

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