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Shock as BBC Joke Does Not Cause Mass Offence

LONDON - England - There was shock across the whole of Britain today when a BBC joke did not cause mass offence and national revulsion, especially amongst Daily Mail readers.

BBC Airs New Repossession Property Show

LONDON - England - After many years of inciting people to get on the property ladder with property TV shows and home decoration shows, the bottom has finally fallen out of the market.

Peter Fincham BBC1 Head Displayed at the Tower

LONDON - England - Mr Fincham was beheaded at the Tower of London by order of the Crown for treason yesterday.

Scatologists Recruit BBC Reporter – LIVE

A BBC reporter today was recruited against his will into the Scatology religion. The reporter was attempting to present an expose on the cult when he was attacked anally by 'Kretans' live on camera and forcibly brainwashed into joining the mind and rectum control organisation.

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