Socialist BBC Deny Being Partial to Partiality

SALFORD - England - The BBC has been left reeling at the accusation that they are seen as being partial to partiality.

“The Left Wing BBC are about as impartial as a Ku Klux Klan member at a Hip Hop festival,” Bernard Fenster, 46,  a TV viewer from Lancashire told a BBC reporter, before being heavily edited out of a so-called documentary about ‘impartiality’ to be aired next month.

This is the reality of the situation, the BBC is in damage control after 13 long years of being a lackey to the Socialist Labour government who have now saddled the UK with £6 trillion worth of debt payments and a country in utter turmoil.


“It has been very hard for the BBC to adjust to the new coalition government because they are not socialist commie shitstains on a mission to collectivize everything in sight. Well, at least, not yet anyway. Seriously, anyone’s better than the previous Labour government. For too long, the BBC has been wallowing in the waste of Labour’s gluttony and fleecing the public out of huge sums of taxpayers cash to subsidise their huge pensions and utterly wasteful spending sprees. The holiday is over for them, and now that all the money is gone, they’re up sh*t creek without a paddle, or even without a boat. Whilst they were doling out Labour’s propaganda for so long, they forgot that there are other sections of the public in the UK and not everyone is a brainwashed socialist taxpayer funded bureaucratic bum on the make,” another TV viewer from London, Jason Bingham, 32, disclosed to the Mirror newspaper before being heavily edited out of the article.

Now that the champagne socialists are in opposition, there is a new era dawning for the BBC.

“We’ve still got Ed Militant, he’s as red as they come and he’s heading up Labour now. You should have seen how we gave him all that spectacular coverage and perked up when he won the leadership contest against his coward sibling,” Morris Toynbee, a BBC political commentator reported during an ‘impartial’ BBC news broadcast aired on Tuesday.