It can be quite challenging coming up with a football betting strategy. Even after having one, it doesn’t always guarantee you that you can place bets and win all the time. In order to prepare for every bet, you will need to follow specific preparatory steps, and you absolutely cannot ignore them.

Doing adequate research is paramount to success, and you will have to evaluate what you
can expect at every point of time. Depending on your chosen markets, you will get plenty of details. However, the basis will remain the same in most scenarios.

In order to help you prepare better, we are going to take you in the right direction. Let’s look at the various things that you need to keep in mind before you start betting on football.

Checking the Performances of Both the Teams for a Prolonged Period of Time

It is a step that may seem obvious, but many tend to underestimate it. If you want to get a
good idea of the average performance, you will have to take a closer look at the long-term
Performance of the teams. Bill Shankly, the legendary, once mentioned that “form is
Temporary, class is permanent.”

Few bookies might under-price a popular team intentionally because punters will assume that the team will win.

The accurate time frame will depend on the aspects that you are trying to find out, but you should at least research the performance of a few months or a year. It will help in giving you a decent start and a platform for building on when you want to find more details.

The essential things that you need to remember would be the goals conceded, goals scores, and so on.

Checking the Short-Term Trends

After you have a clear understanding of the game and its bigger picture, you will be able to dig deeper and find out the current condition of the teams. You need to remember that confidence is crucial in football. Few players may be like world-beaters in one instance, but it can be the opposite in the next.

Keep an eye at the last couple of games played by each team, and it will give you a fair idea of what you need to expect. The stats that you need to concentrate include the form of the star players, average possession, goals conceded, goals scored, and so on. You can try reading short match reports for all the games if you do not have time to watch them.

Pay Attention to Team News

Every punter will be aware of that you need to keep a tab of the doubtful, injured, and suspended players. However, many may not correctly evaluate the number of absentees and their influence on the game. A player can be easily compensated in one game, while badly missed against specific opposition.

You also need to know who will be replacing the players who are absent. And identifying them would include information about their past performance. They could be squad players or bench warmers, and knowing that helps you in coming up with an effective strategy.

Another aspect that you will have to remember is the schedule. Knowing this can help in giving a fair idea of the players who would be performing.

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Knowing the Previous Meetings between Both Teams

Another step would be to understand how the two teams have performed when they have played against each other. You need to have the recent stats, but the historical data mustn’t be ignored. You might notice that individual players or teams tend to have a good streak when they are up against a particular opposition. You will find plenty of such examples in the English Premier League. Therefore, you must keep an eye on that.

Listening to Experts

The internet is filled with websites sharing their opinions, and all of it might seem overwhelming. They might confuse you more than helping you out with your analysis.
However, some experts can be pretty useful in the football betting scenario. These sources
can be well-known journalists or successful players, but they are quite good at predicting and analysing the matches.

You shouldn’t copy somebody’s opinion but go through the preview to get a different perspective. It could help in confirming your expectations or show you a different angle that you might have missed otherwise.

You will have to go thorough research in order to figure out who these sources are online.
Therefore, are many websites online, and you might have to read a lot before placing your trust in any one of them.


These are some essential steps that you will have to keep in mind before you dive into the world of football betting. It may not be enough, but it can help you a lot as a beginner.

Once you start, you will be able to build on it after finding out the mistakes that you have been making.