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To EE or Not to EE?

HATFIELD - England - EE is planning to sell the iPhone 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. This is big news to some people.

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That is the question, or should we say the answer reveals the question that was asked before the answer was so rudely revealed by telecoms company EE.

With lots of talk about Apple, Orange and EE there’s something to be said about ridiculous company names, either resembling pieces of fruit dangling from trees or letters in the alphabet.

Nothing Much Nowhere

What is EE? Who cares? Maybe the people who can’t get much of a reception on their mobile devices care. Anyway, it’s all irrelevant because EE has a ridiculous name that means nothing and conjures up thoughts of maybe plonking a K at the end of EE. At least then the company may seem slightly interesting, otherwise it’s just EE, how fucking boring.

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